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Since its introduction in the United States market in the 1980s, Acura car brand has remained a favorite luxury item for people with the taste for high-profile vehicles. Honda with its brand Acura has attempted to break into the luxury sedan arena with revolutionary vehicles that dared to change how we look at mid-sized luxury cars. The MDX was a hit when they were produced. However, later brands like the TLX in particular, caused sales of Acura vehicles to rise by a record 63% in 2013.

In North America alone there are over 60,000 Acura vehicles roaming the streets. People were attracted to the new TLX with its unique driving characteristics. The TLX was a sort of remodeling of its predecessors the MDX and the RDX, which were either a bit too small or had problems with its engines. The TLX has sold well and is on its way to becoming a top competitor among the Sedans. Together all the Acura models make a formidable force against its competitors, and their impressive sales volumes are proof of it.

However like all luxury vehicles, maintenance always seems to be a challenge. The time and money spent on repairs and maintenance can be overwhelming. There is always a lot of red tape in getting spare parts for luxury cars. These cars are designed to be unique and when they are made they require the very best of technical know-how, machinery, and labor to achieve that luxury feel and look. Luxury cars are fitted with complicated electronics which are hard to find. When such gadgets or electronics get spoilt, the cost of repair is very high. Many times, even the simplest parts like the side mirror have to be shipped from foreign countries. The labor costs of repair can also be quite pricey since fixing a luxury car may require a lot of technical know-how. In addition to that, many mechanics raise the repair cost just based off the vehicle’s brand. If all these are put into consideration, the costs of repair and maintenance might, in the long run, surpass the initial cost of the vehicle. It is for this reason that many people shy away from purchasing luxury vehicles.

With Acura however you do not have to look very far for spare parts. Honda wants to make sure that you enjoy the luxury of your car while not having to worry about the enormous costs of repair and maintenance. It is for this reason that they have brought the parts closer to you. Acura parts can be found in traditional repair shops and auto dealers all over North America and in Europe.

It is, however, noteworthy to know that Acura vehicles are made with the future in mind. They are built with the particular emphasis on sustainability and reliability. The amount of time and energy put into making the Acura makes it one of the safest and most durable cars on the road. There is always the possibility of an imperfection, and even this Acura has not left to chance. Parts and technicians are available and close to you to offer the very best service regarding auto repairs and maintenance. Honda wants to make sure that the value of your car can withstand the test of time, and they believe they have achieved this through Acura.


Acura Motorcars


Acura, the luxury and performance brand offered by Honda automakers, has a history of success. Originally launched by Honda in 1986, Acura has garnered some excellent reviews since the brand appeared in the US.

Brief History of the Acura Brand

Launched in Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, China, and Kuwait since its North American introduction, Honda planned a Japanese market launch in 2008, but they delayed it because of poor economic conditions in the home country.

Still, Acura holds the title of being the first Japanese luxury auto brand in the global market. In the 1980s, Acura, with its initial Legend luxury vehicle, fueled its prime competitors, Toyota and Nissan, to decide to introduce their first luxury auto lines, Lexus and Infiniti. Acura also introduced the luxurious Legend coupe, complete with six-speed manual transmission and Type II engine in 1993.

Its 1990 introduction of its famous mid-engine sports car, the NSX, successfully competed with European sports cars for the first time. The company’s first SUV (the MDX) debuted in the early 2000s, as did the RSX and TSX, which replaced the popular Integra coupe. The 2005 Acura flagship RL model included all-wheel drive (AWD). The first use of a Honda-made turbocharged engine appeared on the RDX, a crossover SUV, in 2007.

Finally, a new generation of the NSX sports car was launched in 2015, featuring a twin-turbocharged mid-engine. This new NSX incarnation also came with a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission.

While Toyota (Lexus) and Nissan (Infiniti) jumped in the water with Honda in the 1990s, Mazda planned to join them, but ultimately decided against launching its planned Amati luxury line. Acura’s early 2000s TL model offered a winning combination of sporty performance and luxury embraced by the market.

The highly-regarded TL kept evolving until Acura replaced it with its new TLX in 2015. The company also introduced the ILX (2012) and redesigned the RL, morphing it into the RLX.

Repairing Acura Motorcars

After years of high reliability rankings, Consumer Reports stated in its 2015 Annual Auto Reliability Survey, that the newest Acura model redesigns TLX and RLX had dropped seven spots (to 18th) in the rankings, citing Acura owners reporting issues with new, sophisticated in-car electronics and transmissions with the new models. Parent company, Honda, also declined four spots (to eighth place) due to infotainment problems.

With Acura’s glorious history, most industry observers believe Honda/Acura will fix their issues as soon as possible. Since even legendary brands, such as Porsche, have also suffered declines in reliability reports, replaced by former reliability-challenged brands (Kia, Hyundai, and Buick).

Repairing older (three years or more) Acura vehicles should not pose a strong challenge to owners, since they are all reliable. Parts should also readily available.

Although Acura is a luxury brand, most repairs and maintenance should not destroy your bank account. Just be sure you deal with a talented, experienced mechanic to ensure repairs are timely and effective. Unless you’re already on a first-name relationship with your mechanic and become an Acura owner, except for the aforementioned vehicle reports, you probably become one, since you’ll probably only visit him rarely.



Repair of your Automobile-How important it is!


Many drivers know the importance of repairs and maintenance on their vehicles. However like so many other things in our lives, most of us take a conservative approach to maintenance and repairs. We only want to act when there is something majorly wrong with our cars. In fact, most of us would do anything to avoid going to the mechanic.

Such an attitude towards auto-repair is what leads to the eventual degradation of the health of your car. When something goes wrong with your car, it is imperative that you take measures to repair it immediately even if you do the repairs yourself.

Your car’s engine is the heart of the vehicle, and it needs always to be in the right shape so that the car can function at all. The engine is susceptible to damage due to the heavy work it does. It can also be worn or break down. When your engine encounters any problem or registers any sign of breaking down like funny noises or produce of excessive smoke, it should be looked at. With the engine there is no compromise and any repairs should be done as soon as possible or else you run the risk of further damage if you put the car on the road. Worse still the car could break down on a busy highway, and you could be stranded. Also, ensure that any repairs done to the engine are done by a professional. You do not want a novice handling the most important part of your vehicle.

Many people avoid regular car repair because of the cost. The argument is that one should only take their car for repair once the car cannot function at all citing other issues as minor and inconsequential. However, you should take note that the more damaged a car is, the more you will spend on repair. If minor issues in your car are not taken care of, then they develop to become more severe. Something as small as an oil change if not done regularly and promptly will cost much more. For instance, it costs $39 to do one regular oil change, but if this is not done then your engine will most likely encounter multiple problems such as lack of lubrication. This could make the engine break down and even be cause for replacement of an entire engine block. The cost of replacing an engine costs on average $4,000, so this is not something to be taken lightly.

If you are using a luxury car, then prompt repair is crucial. If left unattended some luxury cars break down pretty fast. Replacing parts of luxury cars can be very expensive since many of the parts are not available locally and have to be imported. Luxury cars in particular are not an easy fix as the electronics become more and more complicated than the standard cars as the price increases. Because of this, they require special know-how so as to be repaired or replaced. To avoid replacement or massive repairs you have to ensure that any problem with the car no matter how small is fixed promptly.

Immediate and constant repair and maintenance will also increase the lifespan of your vehicle. The engine, for instance, will last much longer if oil is changed regularly. The same goes for other parts such as the tires, plugs, filters and other parts. If they are checked and repaired periodically, they are going to last longer thus ensuring that you enjoy your car for a much longer lifespan.